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The goal of my web page is show the dancers and non-dancers of the world what we have for square dancing in the midwest. It will also allow anyone needing a square dance caller the opportunity to find someone. It will display any and all of the dances that I know of. Anyone wishing to list a club, caller, and/or a dance just e mail me and I will show them.

General Site Description

There will be a listing of all callers, dances, and conventions. I will list the dances, contacts, and callers for the dances.

Site Goals

My goal is to help the square dance activity in anyway I can. This is not meant to replace anything that is currently in place. I want to be able to list any and all callers that do special dances such as one-nighters and benefit dances. I will list anything that is of a square dance nature. If anyone has a webpage that would like me to link to just send me the information and I will link to it. If anyone knows of a great web site on square dancing let me know and I will link to it.

Similar Sites

This is a great site for all square dance needs such as records, microphones, turntables, and software.

This is a short history of square dancing in the US

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